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Ezine Advertising

Solo Ezine Copy

If you have your own publication, a solo recommendation is by far the best way to promote any product. In addition, personalizing your mailings will produce an even higher response rate.

Copy and paste the above solo endorsement to mail to your opt-in subscribers.

In addition, make sure you review the recommendation and make the appropriate changes where indicated. You're also welcome to edit the copy in any way you'd like.

Solo Ezine Mailings

If you don't have your own publication, you can still send out a solo ezine mailing. However, it won't be free.

Ezine advertising is the MOST effective form of advertising used on the Internet. Many ezines sell ad space that may include sponsor ads and/or solo ads. However, solo ads will produce the best results.

Below, is a list of newsletters that will enable you to purchase sponsor and/or solo advertising space.

Get Massive Hits Newsletter - 14,000 Quality Subscribers for $97.00

Net Income Site - 4,500 Extremely Responsive Subscribers for $35.00

At Home Working News - Solo ads sent to over 16,000 for $45.00

Avenues 2 Success - Featured ad sent to 8,500 for $147.00

Cashfromhome - Solo ad sent to a highly responsive subscriber base of over 18,000 for $99.95.

Internet Business Chronicle - Your Ad sent to over 47,000 Subscribers for $78.00

Marketers Resource Weekly - Solo ad sent to 43,000 Subscribers for $197.00

Net Domination Ezine - Your ad sent out to 90,000 subscribers for $525.00

Nova News - Your ad sent to over 100,000 Responsive Subscribers for $197.00

Online Exchange - Over 31,000 Responsive Subscribers for $100.00

Promote Links News - 18,000 responsive readers for just $60.00

Rim Digest - 30,000 Responsive Subscribers for just $149.00

The Guru Marketer - Reach over 13,000 Responsive subscribers for $120.00

The Millenia Web Magazine - Your Solo Ad to 122,000 for $120.00

Unimax Marketing - Your Solo Ad to 36,000 for $78.00.

Web Stars 2000
- Reach over 41,000 subscribers HIGHLY responsive subscribers for $99.00

Web Head Central News - Reach 22,000 Subscribers with 2 solo ads for $49.95.

WHS News - Reach 9,000 Responsive Subscribers for $25.00.

Work At Home News - Reach 42,000 Responsive Subscribers for $99.95.

Sponsor Ads

Another great way to promote Web Design Mastery is to run sponsor ads in ezines. Below, are some ads you can run. Please note, although these ads have been tested and are proven to be successful, please make sure you run your own tests, and adjust the ad copy accordingly, as each publication is different and will produce different response rates.

Below, is a list of large, highly responsive publications that accept sponsor advertising. Please note, prior to spending any major money, make sure you always test your ads first. A good way to do this is to start out by running an ad in AIM. They offer ad space reasonably priced for just this purpose. Once you have an ad that's pulling a good response rate, you can then buy a more expensive ad.

Active Internet Marketer (AIM) (100,000 subs)

DEMC E-Magazine (225,000 + subs)

Web Marketing Today (182,000 subs)

BizWeb E-Gazette (110,000 subs)

Additional Advertising Resources

Clickbank's Login Page Place your 40 word text ad in front of thousands of ClickBank affiliates for 700.00 per month. This provides massive exposure.
Google Adwords Enables you to manage your own account, with ads sold on a cost-per-impression (CPM) basis. There's no minimum deposit required. Your ads appear on the right side of the Google search results pages.
Google Adwords Select™ Enables you to manage your own account, and with cost-per-click (CPC) pricing, you pay only when users click on your ad. You control your costs by setting a daily budget for what you are willing to spend each day.

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